Distinction between state and government

They together constitute the population of the State. But while the membership of the state is compulsory, that of the other association is voluntary.

Distinction Between State and Government

The state is political concept while the nation is a cultural, and a psychological body. Sometimes, state is used as a synonymy for nation or country, but nation and state have their own respective identities.

Difference Between State and Government

According Elgie and Griggs In the case of state, unity is imposed through laws. A territorial organization in so far as it stays on the definite portion of territory.

It is an independent and sovereign entity that can be distinguished from the other states and has certain administrative tasks to be carried out for its proper functioning. The accepted definition of a state was supplied by Max Weber in his book Politics as a Vocation: This is an impossible proposition.

The state, as we know, is a people organized for law within a definite territory; it is always sovereign-supreme internally and independent externally.

Some of the difficult problems of political science are solved on the basis of the distinction between the State and government. The relationship between the State and the other association is signified in many aspects.

The state is a large entity which includes all the citizens while the government is, relatively a smaller unit that includes only those who are employed to perform its functions.

9 Main Differences between State and Government

The government consists of only a few selected citizens. The state has authority inherent in itself whereas the government has no inherent powers. Some of the definitions of the concept of the state are as follows: But the state did not begin with the society; it must have started at a large stage of social development.

The basic characteristics of a state are: A state is like an organization and the government is like the management team. Society on other hand does not enjoy the power of coercion Disobedience to its rules may not be followed by any physical punishment.

What is the difference between State and Government?

In spite of above differences, the State and Society have some common features as well.In a popular talk the terms the 'State' and Government are very often used synonymously. Common people use them in an identical sense.

Difference Between Government and State

Even the king like Louis XIV ignored this distinction when he. Free Essay: Introduction The state and government are distinguished in terms of functions, structures, duties, composition and the nature of their powers. The study of political science requires you to relearn familiar terms that hold a different meaning than found in common everyday usage.

In this. Other geographers also articulate a straightforward association between state and government. Agnew () directly equates state and government when he writes. Society, Nation, State, and Government similar kind of words, creates confusion many times. Kailasha Foundation tries to remove that confusion.

In common usage no distinction is made between the two.

Distinction Between Society, Nation, State, and Government

A student of Political Science fully realises and accepts the difference between State and Government.

Distinction between state and government
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