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However, there is no such thing as an ideal splice, only a real splice. A triangular prism, dispersing light; waves shown to illustrate the differing wavelengths of light.

The angle of refraction will also be 0 Refractive index essay the ray is entering along the normal, therefore there is no bending achieved whatsoever. This can be used to separate a beam of white light into its constituent spectrum of colors. Two different types of losses can be generated from end separation.

Does the refracted angle remain the Refractive index essay for different angles of incidence? The illustration in Figure However, a loss will not occur if the AN of the transmitting optical fiber is less than the AN receiving optical fiber.

The angle of incidence formed by the ray of light travelling though air into a slab of rectangular perspex is not directly proportional to the angle of refraction angle formed between the ray travelling though perspex and the normal. If the AN of the transmitting fiber is larger than the AN of the receiving optical fiber, a loss may occur.

A loss occurs when optical fiber with the smaller mode field diameter will not accept all of the light from the optical fiber with the larger mode field diameter.

A quantitative were introduced in the s. Prisms will generally disperse light over a much larger frequency bandwidth than diffraction gratings, making them useful for broad-spectrum spectroscopy. The denser the medium, the larger the refractive index. Light changes speed as it moves from one medium to another for example, from air into the glass of the prism.

Each change in the refractive index causes a certain amount of light to be reflected and therefore lost. Once the two optical fibers are joined with a splice, they cannot be taken apart and put back together as they can if you join them using connectors.

The refractive index of many materials such as glass varies with the wavelength or color of the light used, a phenomenon known as dispersion. The exact angles between the surfaces depend on the application.

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Furthermore, prisms do not suffer from complications arising from overlapping spectral orders, which all gratings have. A loss occurs when light at the outer edge of the transmitting optical fiber core falls outside the diameter of the receiving optical fiber core.

In the case of the beam travelling from air to perspex, the velocity decreases as the beam travels from the first medium to the next, thus causing the ray to bend towards the normal.

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Any light that enters the cladding of the receiving optical fiber will be lost, causing attenuation. Extrinsic factors that affect optical fiber splice performance are factors related to the condition of the splice itself, external to the optical fiber.

Newton discussed prism dispersion in great detail in his book Opticks. This experiment has become a classic example of the methodology introduced during the scientific revolution.

Has the ray been refracted towards or away from the normal when going form air to perspex? In such cases, a phenomenon occurs — total internal reflection. Lateral misalignment loss occurs when light from the core of the transmitting optical fiber enters the cladding of the receiving optical fiber, creating a loss.

A mode field diameter mismatch loss results when the mode field diameter of the transmitting optical fiber is greater than the mode field diameter of the receiving optical fiber.

Should we go according to the formula given in the book.??

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The minimum value of angle of deviation, is called angle of minimum deviation.

Why did the rays of light refract in perspex?Once the refractive index of a certain medium is known, the angle of refraction can be calculated if the angle of incidence and known and vice versa.

The denser the medium, the larger the refractive index. For example, a glass has a refractive index of about this means that light travels at , (speed of light in a vacuum) divided by (the refractive index) this gives ,m/s.

My variables are the wavelength, the glass rectangle, lasers, angle of incidence and angle of refraction, protractor and the distance between the. The first is through Freeness reflection, which takes place when light passes from the higher refractive index of the core in the transmitting optical fiber into the lower refractive index of the air, and then back into the core of the receiving optical fiber.

Below is an essay on "Investigation On Refractive Index Of A Perspex" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Experiment on finding the Refractive Index value of Perspex using Snell’s law/5(1).

To find Refractive Indices of Water And Turpentine Oil using a plane mirror, a equiconvex lens (made from a glass of known refractive index) and an adjustable object needle. Refractive index Why is it difficult to use refractive index to determine the concentration of alcohol above 56% by weight?

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